sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

Destiny - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Rare Ska Sides From Studio One disco de esta super chidito tiene ska, rocksteady, early reggae muy buenos temas espero lo disfruten


2.Wages of Love - (previously unreleased, alternate take)
3.Do You Feel the Same Way Too
4.Your Love
5.Don't Ever Leave Me - (previously unreleased, take 1)
6.Don't Ever Leave Me - (previously unreleased, take 2)
7.I Need You So
8.Rock Sweet Rock
9.Another Dance
10.Stand Predominant
11.Where Is My Mother - (previously unreleased, acoustic version)
12.Where Is My Mother - (band version)
13.Dance With Me14.What's New Pussycat ?
15.Treat Me Good16.Jerking Time (A.K.A. Jerk in Time)
17.Do It Right18.Let the Lord Be Seen in Me
19.White Christmas

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